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Full disclosure. When I saw the name of this podcast, I paused. Wait, but I don't struggle with alcohol (thankfully). While the amazing host, Stephan, has shared his lessons learned through sobriety, this podcast is about how people persevere through challenges in life. I can certainly relate to that - can't we all!

I've previously blogged about the question he asked me that no one has ever asked me before. I was left speechless for many seconds as I grappled to form an answer. You can check that out HERE.

Plus, Stephan's accent is mesmerizing, so you'll want to listen!

"Join us in a heart-to-heart conversation with Debbie Baisden, the remarried widow, mompreneur, and faith-filled force behind Momsanity and Fit With Deb.

Her story of resilience, faith, and thriving against all odds is a testament to God's faithfulness. Tune in now for a dose of inspiration! From widowhood to mompreneurship, Debbie's story is a testament to resilience and faith. Tune in for her profoundly opinionated, authentically inviting, and downright sarcastic take on thriving amidst chaos." - Stephan Neff

My 3 Top Tips:

1. Take an accurate assessment of fault lines to address in life (marital woes, financial struggles, passive faith, etc) today, not tomorrow.

2. Love selflessly - show love with actions, even when it's inconvenient and sacrificial.

3. If life is mostly lukewarm indifference due to mundane monotony, it may take pain and trials to reawaken reliance upon God.

What a monumental privilege to be a guest on the Steps To Sobriety Podcast where I share my story of God's faithfulness as a young widow.


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