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Are you wrestling with God right now?  It's okay if you are, no need to deny it.  He allows a lot of brutal circumstances that can leave us "completely overwhelmed - beyond our strength - so that we even despaired of life" (2 Corinthians 1:8).  

Do you feel completely overwhelmed?  Is despair clouding each thought?  Is God enough....shoot, is He even real?

I love that the Lord is gracious enough to allow our wrestling.  Our good, good Father, He invites us to approach Him with confidence.

Hi, my name is Debbie Wilkins Baisden, well, actually, it's Deborah Lynn White Wilkins Baisden.  What a mouthful.  Just call me Debbie.

I'm a former baby factory who made 4 boys in 4 years.  Yes, I am exhausted.  I am the proud owner of Paul, Brad, and twins Andrew and Joshua (just remember "PBAndJ" for short).  It's everything you think it is.  My house is full of volume, destruction, and violence.

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I married my end-of-college sweetheart, Aaron Wilkins.  A loving, kind man unlike any I have ever met.  He would've had a dozen children, but his stay-at-home wife said no.  Aaron and I were married 11 years. Aaron unexpectedly passed away in 2012, and I fight tears as I share this with you.

His death has left a tangible void for the boys and me.  He is the reason you are reading these words.  Well, it's mostly because of Christ.

I love Jesus.  An imperfect sinner, Jesus is my King and my friend.  We go way back, He and I.  He saved a wretch like me and I can't wait to see His face one day.  My purpose in life is to love Christ, serve others, and to point others to Him.  

Life never turns out the way we expect.  I never envisioned four children.  I avoided the notion of losing a husband and becoming a young widow.  And it never entered my mind that I would get married a second time.  

I walked down the aisle to marry Jason Baisden in 2014.  This wonderful man of God that helped me smile through tears.  He is easy to like, he is easy to love.  

And we have 2 rescue dogs.

Peek into my thoughts of how a mighty God shows up in the tiniest details.​



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