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Navigating Unexpected Life Changes

"What does motherhood look like when life goes a completely different direction than you imagined?

In this week’s episode, Debbie Baisden shares her personal story of becoming a young widow and how she navigated through deep grief.

Whether you have experienced a similar loss or are working through a significant transition in your life, you will find Debbie’s experience inspiring.

Debbie Baisden, mom of four boys, was widowed without warning. The depth of pain was only matched by the depth of God’s faithfulness.

Takeaways from this episode include how raising children in the early years changes as they get older, navigating deep grief in motherhood, transitions into a blended family, and leaning on community for support.

This episode highlights the realness of motherhood and provides a unique insight into one mom’s experience in motherhood." - Elisabeth Emmerich

What an extreme honor to be a guest on the "Experience Motherhood" podcast where I share my story of navigating unexpected life changes.

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