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Lessons in Loss

"When her husband passed away suddenly, Debbie was widowed without warning at the age of 35 with 4 young boys. In our discussion, she weaves through the terror of losing Aaron, the heartbreak of explaining the tragedy to her four young boys, and the struggle to keep her faith amidst the darkest storm she'd ever faced.

Debbie's story isn't just about loss and grief, it's one of resilience, hope, and faith that will challenge your perspective on life.

With raw emotions and heartfelt wisdom, Debbie takes us along her journey navigating the unfathomable tide of grief while finding strength in her faith and community.

She reminds us all that even though tomorrow is not guaranteed, we can trust our unknown future to a known God.

Don't miss this episode. It's a testament to the human spirit's indomitable power to overcome adversity and keep pushing forward." - Michelle Heaton

What a humble privilege to be a guest on the "Qualified - Lessons in Loss" Podcast where I share my story of being suddenly widowed with children.

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