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Blindsided By Death - Overcoming the Unthinkable

I was floored to be asked to not only be in this podcast, but also to later be asked to contribute to a compilation book after our interview.

"Explore the concept of transformation and personal growth as Debbie Baisden shares her courageous journey of resilience after facing immense challenges and the grieving process following the unexpected loss of a loved one. Debbie opens up about her struggles with grief and how it deeply affected her role as a mother. She talks about how having children helped her find the fortitude to carry on as a parent and how they inspired her to keep going. Debbie also addressed relying on God moment by moment, the value of personal development and how it may help people overcome obstacles in life.

Don't miss this captivating story of strength and the transformative power of facing challenges head-on to become the best version of ourselves."

What an enormous gift to be a guest on the "Become" Podcast where I share my story of overcoming the unthinkable.

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